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Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd. Company Profile

  • China Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd. company profile
Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd.
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Tec-Key, as a one-man operation shop called Shenzhen Sungkin Manufacturing Shop Ltd., was founded by the end 2000’s.

In 2016, Tec-Key became a new company like a group company called Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd., with several partners joined in the same camp.


In 2018, the new company Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd., was honored with ISO9001:2015 Certificate without any trouble, as Shenzhen Tec-Key Manufacturing Shop Ltd. was the footing stone holding the certificate all along.

With the continual 13 years’ growth and development, its sphere of business now covers –
Manufacturing services: Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Casting, Extrusion, Kit & Assembly.

Value added services: R&D, Engineering, Prototyping/Sampling, Holding Inventory Under Contract.

Tec-Key was found in April of 2016, it’s a company certified by ISO 9001:2015 since June 15, 2018.

Tec-Key has a team which all its members are with more than 10 years experiences on industrial field (Metal, Plastic and others), also has good connections and partnerships with companies of new energy and electronic equipment.

Tec-Key has several advanced equipment ( lathe, grinder, milling, punching, casting, injection, etc.) to service customers for OEM and ODM products.

Tec-Key takes the team as footing stone, treats customers in good faith, gets respects by technology and gets good word-of-mouth by high quality. We are always in awe of each product and 100% customer satisfaction is what we pursue.


The company mission statement clearly defines our philosophy and approach to the marketplace:
1.Our commitment is to cause quality, service, teamwork, excellence and leadership to happen which benefits the customer, the company and ourselves.

2.We Care - All Our Customers & Partners' Needs & Requirements! We Share - All Our Technologies & Experiences With Our Customers & Partners! We Dare - To Devote Ourselves To Grow With Our Customers & Partners Together!

3.Tec-key firmly believes in being proactive in a very reactionary industry.

4.Our collaborative engineering capabilities, coupled with the strategic relationships we have developed with our partners, are focused on assisting the customer to find high quality and cost-reducing solutions to engineering challenges.

5.We pride ourselves on being able to offer “specials” in situations which our competitors cannot. We believe that High quality and cost-savings can be best achieved through efficient collaborative engineering & logistic supports coupled with well managed manufacturing processes.

Tec-Key looks forward to hearing from you today. Bring us your challenges and we will bring you solutions. Planning today for where you need to be tomorrow.


•Shenzhen Shangqi Workshop Ltd.
•2010, Shenzhen
•Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd. 
•2016, Shenzhen (To cover Shenzhen Shangqi Workshop Ltd.)
•To the overseas market, with excellent product quality and service to win the favor of customers.



Tec-Key is a technology manufacturing company, the company is committed to providing high quality industrial precision parts and satisfactory after-sales service. Can produce stamping parts, sheet metal parts, casting processing and plastic parts production and processing. At the same time, the company can provide OEM services for customers.


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