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  • China Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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QC Profile

Quality management is the operation technology and activity to ensure product quality, which runs through the whole process of quality formation.


First: Cultivate three kinds of consciousness


1. Cultivate employees' awareness of self-inspection. Product quality is manufactured, not tested. Production quality control secret is: let everyone do their own products. Require employees to produce their own products, to self-inspection, only they think is qualified products, can flow to the next process or workshop, in the self-inspection found unqualified products, to do their own identification and put it separately.


2. Cultivate employees' awareness of mutual inspection. For the last process or workshop flow to the product, must employees do not look at all, suddenly pull down to do, to test that it is qualified products, can be produced, to check the quality of the process or workshop, to timely feedback. Resolutely do not manufacture defective products, do not receive defective products, do not transfer defective products.


3. Cultivate employees' awareness of special inspection. After the action of self-inspection and mutual inspection, the production supervisor can inculcate the full-time inspectors: while the employees want to produce, they are doing self-inspection and special inspection. As a full-time inspector, they should have a strong sense of quality control. If a full-time inspector is a subordinate of your department, it will be better to communicate; If he were not in your department, he would accept your instruction!


Second: keep up with process control


1. First check control. Before the product goes online, the team leader, quality inspection personnel and staff must be required to carefully verify the materials to be put into production; To use the tooling equipment, to ensure that the performance is stable and intact. Then produce three products in small batches to confirm whether the products are qualified. Qualified and then online production, unqualified to find the reason, until qualified to mass production.


2. Inspection control. In the production process, managers and quality inspectors should conduct spot checks on products and spend 80% of their energy on weak links in production, such as: raw staff, key equipment, key positions, etc.


3. Final inspection control. In line, for the final product, to focus on control, often at this time the mentality of the staff are more impatient. I once encountered a thing, and now I am afraid to think about it. When an employee came to the end of work and still lacked a product to pack, he would find a defective product and ask someone to repair it, and then pack it directly without passing the inspection personnel. Was immediately corrected by the team leader, this product has serious quality defects. Moreover, when the product is received, there are still some products waiting for repair, so the faster the work is completed, we should strictly control it!


4. Responsibility control. Always maintain a high degree of vigilance and responsibility in the work, "do not receive unqualified products from the previous process, do not pass unqualified products to the next process".