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LED lamp Fixing Metal Stamping Part

LED lamp Fixing Metal Stamping Part

  • High Light

    Lamp Metal Stamping Part


    Powder spray Metal Stamping Part


    Fixing Metal Stamping Part

  • Material
  • Finished
    Powder Spray
  • Salt Spray Test
    450 H
  • Product Size
  • Product Accuracy
  • It Applies To
    Manufacture Of Machinery
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD0.3-0.5 pcs
  • Packaging Details
  • Delivery Time
    5-8 work days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    10000 pcs days

LED lamp Fixing Metal Stamping Part

Mild steel is carbon content less than 0.25% carbon steel, because of its low strength, low hardness and soft, so it is also called mild steel. It includes most ordinary carbon structural steel and a part of high-quality carbon structural steel, most of which are used for engineering structural parts without heat treatment, and some of which are used for mechanical parts requiring wear resistance after carburizing and other heat treatment.

The annealed structure of low carbon steel is ferrite and a little pearlite, its strength and hardness are lower, plasticity and toughness are better. Therefore, its cold formability is good, can be used to roll, bending, stamping and other methods for cold forming. The steel also has good weldability. Low carbon steel generally refers to the carbon content of the steel between 0.10 and 0.25%. This kind of steel has low hardness, good plasticity, easy to use cold plastic deformation molding process, welding and cutting, often used in the manufacture of chains, rivets, bolts, shafts and so on.


The SPCC is also mild steel. SPCC is the brand of Japanese Steel (JIS series). Ordinary structural steel is mainly composed of three parts. The first part is the material, such as S (Steel) for steel, F (Ferrum) for iron; The second part represents different shapes, types and uses, such as P(Plate) for plate, T (Tube) for tube,K(Kogu) for tools; The third part represents the characteristic number, which is generally the minimum tensile strength. For example: SS400 -- the first S represents Steel, the second S represents "Structure", 400 is the lower limit tensile strength of 400MPa, the overall tensile strength of 400MPa ordinary structural steel.

SPCC- stands for common cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, whose chemical composition and mechanical properties are equivalent to the Chinese grade Q195 and Q215A. The third letter C is short for Cold. To ensure that the tensile test, add T at the end of the grade is SPCCT.


The coating is made of special resin, pigment filler, curing agent and other additives, mixed in a certain proportion, and then prepared by hot extrusion, grinding and sifting. They are stored stably at room temperature, through electrostatic spraying, friction spraying (thermosetting method) or fluidized bed dip coating (thermoplastic method), and then heating, baking, melting and curing, so as to form a smooth and bright permanent coating film, to achieve the purpose of decoration and corrosion prevention.

Its features are:

1, the product does not contain toxicity, does not contain solvent and does not contain volatile toxic substances, so no poisoning, no fire, no "three wastes" discharge and other public hazards, fully meet the requirements of the national environmental protection law.

2. The utilization rate of raw materials is high. The powder produced by some famous brand powder suppliers can recycle the oversprayed powder, and the highest utilization rate can even reach more than 99%.

3. After pre-treatment of the coated material, one-time construction, without bottom coating, can get enough thickness of the coating film, easy to realize automatic operation, high production efficiency, can reduce costs.

4, dense coating, adhesion, impact strength and toughness are good, high corner coverage, with excellent chemical corrosion resistance and electrical insulation performance.

5, powder coating storage, transportation safety and convenience.


Compared with the traditional painting process, the advantages of powder coating are:

1, high efficiency: due to one-time film forming, can increase productivity by 30-40%; 2, energy saving: reduce energy consumption by about 30%

3, less pollution: no organic solvent volatilization (does not contain toluene, xylene and other harmful gases in paint coatings).

4, paint utilization rate is high: up to 95%, and the powder recovery can be used for many times.

5, good film performance: one-time film thickness can reach 50-80μm, its adhesion, corrosion resistance and other comprehensive indicators are better than the paint process.

6. High yield: Before curing, it can be resprayed twice. There are many kinds of powder coating process, including electrostatic spraying and dipping.

Powder coating is a new solvent-free 100% solid powder coating. With no solvent, no pollution, save energy and resources, reduce labor intensity and high mechanical strength of the film.

It has three categories: thermoplastic powder coating (PE), thermosetting powder coating, building powder coating.

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