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Custom Hasco Metal Stamping Mould Polishing Surface Treatment

Custom Hasco Metal Stamping Mould Polishing Surface Treatment

  • High Light

    Cold Runner System metal stamping mould


    Cold Runner System stamping mold

  • Process
    Stamping Mold
  • Tolerance
  • Runner System
  • Name
    Metal Stamping Mold
  • Surface Treatment
    Polishing, Plating, Anodizing, Etc.
  • Design Software
    UG, ProE, AutoCAD, Etc.
  • Cavity Number
  • Lead Time
    7-15 Days
  • Place of Origin
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set

Custom Hasco Metal Stamping Mould Polishing Surface Treatment

Product Description:

Metal Stamping Mold is a kind of process that uses metal stamping mold to shape metal materials into desired shapes. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to produce metal parts and components with accuracy and repeatability. The stamping mold system is comprised of a mold cavity, a hot or cold runner system, a mold base made from LKM, HASCO, DME, etc. The metal stamping mold is a highly precise and reliable tool for metal stamping molding and provides a cost-effective means of creating complex shapes and parts. The metal stamping mold is certified by ISO9001, SGS, RoHS, etc. It is built to last and can withstand high temperatures and pressures, making it a great choice for mass production of metal parts and components.



  • Product Name: Metal Stamping Mold
  • Lead Time: 7-15 Days
  • Process: Stamping Mold Cavity
  • Design Software: UG, ProE, AutoCAD, Etc.
  • Material: Metal
  • Application: Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Etc.


Metal stamping mold is a widely used industrial product, which is made of precise metal material by high-precision machining technology. It is widely used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, electronics, medical, and so on. The place of origin of metal stamping mold is China. The minimum order quantity is one set. The mold base is LKM, HASCO, DME, etc. The size is customized, and the design software is UG, ProE, AutoCAD, etc. It has a high precision tolerance of ±0.01mm. The surface treatment includes polishing, plating, anodizing, etc. The metal stamping die can produce stamping mold cavity and stamping mold parts, and it has perfect performance and long service life.

Due to its high production efficiency, metal stamping mold is widely used in automotive, electronics, medical, and other industries. In the automotive industry, metal stamping mold is mainly used to produce car body parts, such as doors, hoods, and fenders. In the electronics industry, it is used to produce electronic components and parts, such as connectors and switches. In the medical industry, it is used to produce medical components, such as syringes and needles. With the help of metal stamping mold, manufacturers can greatly improve their production efficiency and reduce costs.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Lead Time 7-15 Days
Runner System Hot/Cold
Material Metal
Name Metal Stamping Mold
Application Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Etc.
Tolerance ±0.01mm
Cavity Number Single/Multi
Mold Standard HASCO, DME, Etc.
Size Customized
Process Stamping Mold

Support and Services:

Metal Stamping Mold Technical Support and Services

We provide technical support and services for Metal Stamping Mold. Our experienced engineers and technicians are available to help you with installation, operation and maintenance of the product.

We provide on-site technical support, as well as remote support through phone and email. Our technical team can provide you with troubleshooting, advice and assistance to keep your Metal Stamping Mold running smoothly.

We also offer spare parts and accessories for Metal Stamping Mold, to ensure that your production line remains operational.

For more information on Metal Stamping Mold technical support and services, please contact us.