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Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd. 86-755-89372016
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We focus on Precision Plastic Mold, Precision Injection Mold, Metal Stamping Mold, Metal Stamping Part products and so on

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China Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Tec-Key Technology Co., Ltd.

From humble beginnings in 2010, Tec-Key has grown to cover a complete range of services and production for metal and plastic parts, serving both domestic and international customers. Our product scope encompasses Metal Stamping, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Die Casting, Extrusion, CNC Machining, and Plastic Injection Molding. Our value added services include R&D, Engineering, Prototyping/Sampling, Kitting & Assembly, and Holding Inventory Under Contract. With decades of experience in the industrial metal and plastics field, advanced equipment including laser cutter, lathe, grinder, milling, punching, casting, and injection and a network of reliable partnerships with sub-suppliers, Tec-Key is well positioned to serve customers with OEM and ODM needs. We take pride in delivering responsive ...

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